About Me

I’m Laura.

I happened in 1983, the same year the modern internet was born. My online identity didn’t come until 1998, long after someone else named Laura signed up for an email account leaving me with only underscore and number-laden variations of the name to choose from. I settled on using my initials: lkvy.

My formative years were spent flailing in a suburb 50 kilometres east of Vancouver, Canada. Since then, I’ve made a habit of relocating to a new city every few years: Vancouver, Calgary, and Montréal to name a few. I’m Victoria’s problem for now.

I’ve paired myself up with a Québécois man named Yann who has the add-on of two feline friends. To feed ourselves and the cats, Yann and I both make money repairing bicycles.

Climbing and cycling are my two main activities, but I like any sport that doesn’t require teamwork. I’ve been known to knit, draw, paint, read, and bake. It’s been suspected that I like squirrels, travelling, the colour blurple, and filling out comment cards. I habitually deface fruit left unattended.

I am a cotton swab enthusiast: my sparkling clean ear canals lead to completely ossified cochleas, which is fancy for saying I’m deaf.

Other than writing or typing, I use American Sign Language to communicate. The name of this blog, Squaremeat, came from a friend who couldn’t keep up with my fingerspelling and somehow concluded that I must have a meat shape preference.

Questions? I’ll be here.

I do have teeth, not that it should matter.

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