About Me

I’m Laura.

Smurf Hatted.

I grew up in one of the shitty towns outside Vancouver, Canada until I was released from the public school system, free to roam anywhere in Canada. I’ve voluntarily lived in Vancouver proper, Halfmoon Bay (BC), Calgary (AB), and Montréal (QC). I currently reside in Canada’s least snowy city, Victoria.

I repair bikes for the safety of my insular community and a paycheque.

Not surprisingly, I often roll around the island on two wheels. My desire to travel vertically is fulfilled by climbing. International travel is supported by various airlines (none of which I like enough to recommend). When I don’t feel like burning many calories or jet fuel, you might find me knitting, drawing, painting, and baking, although probably not simultaneously.

It’s also been suspected that I like squirrels, the colour blurple, and filling out comment cards. I habitually anthropomorphize fruit left unattended.

I can’t hear anything. Not just right now, but ever. I’m deaf: this seems to bother others more than it does me. Other than writing or typing, I use American Sign Language to communicate.

The name Squaremeat came from a friend who couldn’t keep up with my fingerspelling and somehow concluded that I must have a meat shape preference.

I have many things to say about the following:

Documentary Reviews
Throwback Blog Posts
Pyrénées/Catalonia Bike Tour 2018

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