Stuff I’ve Made


From 1999-2020.



Spot the replica of Cecilia Jiminez’s restoration of Ecce Homo.

The toilet was meant to be kitschy: if you’re to hang shitty art, might as well hang it in the washroom?


Gingerbread Structures

See here for more photos of the houses from 2011-2017.

For the Ambani House, go here. St. Basil’s Cathedral can be found here.



Mostly made from polymer clay.


Halloween Costumes

I enjoy making costumes more than I do dressing up and attending social events to show them off!

I have not made a costume since 2013.



Papercraft and the customization of various items.


I didn’t paint the mountains on the climbing chalk bag: they were already on there. I added the cats and “YANN”.