Chummy chump.

I’ve been informed that there has been an increase in yellow-haired people roaming in this city. But because I am currently the only yellow-haired friend my friends have, they’ve been telling me about their sightings to make sure I know I’m not special.

It’s true, though. My decision to go yellow was influenced by a drag queen anyway. Soon to be incorporated in my wardrobe: a vinyl beret.

My cyst mentor asked me yesterday how my lump was feeling and gave it a name: Calvin. It took three hours for that joke to hit me. I was in the middle of mashing my pizza dough when I went, “HOHOHO. CALVIN. I GET IT NOW. CALF-IN!” I promptly texted him to congratulate him on a pun well done.

The doctor’s office never got back to me with the results of my x-ray, so I called the office on Monday. I called through the video relay service, which I am not a fan of, because I feel the need to make myself look somewhat presentable. I know these interpreters are professionals, but they also people I potentially know in real life. More than that, to use this service, I need to be somewhere with a reliable internet connection, which rules out making calls at work during my break.

I had to wait until my day off to learn of Calvin’s origins.

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Show pony.

Dear 11-speed friends,

Baby the hell out of your chain, because it’ll be the only one you’ll have this year. The ETA for 11 speed chains is for 2022!

Oil your baby. Keep your baby clean. Downshift when you come to a stop to avoid applying excessive torque to the cranks once you get going again.

With that said, wow, the timing of my bike frame’s arrival was fortunate. I got the last 11-speed chain that was available in the bike shop at the time. There were only two components that I wanted that I could not get. I was fairly flexible on the rest of the build.

And this leads us to Ponyboy’s grand reveal!

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