I am Jack’s seeping wound.

I am on day 10 of recovery. The scabs down my legs have partially fallen off, revealing fresh, glossy pink skin. My arm, however, remains an open wound: A soup of plasma, fat, and regenerated skin. But that’s not what’s kept me from making my triumphant return to work. On the evening of my accident, I had that familiar tickle at the back of my throat, signifying an incoming cold.

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Unlocking the secret of mouth-watering. Or not.

I’ve been off the bike for over a week and off the walls for about as long. With three days off work, I should be scratching that itch. Alas, the itch comes from the healing tattoo on the back of my right thigh. If you’re an Instacrapper, the new ink can be found on jessparetattooer’s account: it’s the Tiger Lily.

Alternative, low-impact plans for my extended weekend:

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Look at Ed go!

Sure, I’ve had some stuff going on since my last post, but, Ed… ED GOT PAID BY RAPHA TO CYCLE AROUND LANZAROTE. WHAT A CHAMP.

I’m seething with envy. SEETHING! On the upside, my time off request for July was approved today. Ponyboy and I will be joining Ed in the UK in July. Anybody want to sponsor me?