That wasn’t a part of the plan.

Good news, everyone!

My summer was eventful. Very blog-worthy… if I had the time/will to blog.

Once I got back from my UK trip (which most certainly did not go as planned), the sunny weather was constant. So constant, yesterday was the first day of rain Victoria saw in almost a hundred days!

I got Omnicronned on the third day of my UK adventures which meant all the camping gear I’d brought with me did not get touched. In the two weeks I was there, I rode 300 km altogether. So, upon my return, I kicked into FOMO mode and found myself rolling into a Ducknana meet-up; in Nanaimo for a roommate reunion; in the parking lot of Artist Point of Mt. Baker… AND MANY MORE!

The most gossip-worthy news, though…

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Fruit and Karlieflower.

“My grandma owns Disneyland.” –Karlie circa 1992.

This post is not much about the Karlie I knew, but the Karlie I’m getting to know. We grew up together and tragically fell out of contact upon my completion of high school due to quintessential Teen Drama. We’d meant to get together since our chance encounter at my workplace last summer.

COVID and assorted excuses meant our reunion didn’t happen until three Saturdays ago. Our initial reunion went well enough that we re-reunited on the 25th. She had the idea to create her amusement park in the middle of Durrance Lake. With Unicorn Island as the main attraction.

Here’s the before picture:

And here’s the after picture:

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“This is the slowest I’ve ever eaten a banana.”

A synopsis of Nic and my time with the Golden Teacher at Botanical Beach:

“Being this happy is exhausting.”

*points to a family with young children* “That family is missing out.”

“I can’t believe this place exists.”

“I keep slipping away.”

“Of course, you didn’t grow those tomatoes, you suck!”

…struggling to type on my phone and thinking, “This device is way too powerful.” The letters appeared to levitate off the screen.

“I don’t know why I thought we’d walk far.”


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