“Coasting” the coastline.

Day 8.

80km, 1206m climbing: Cadaqués – Saint-Génis-des-Fontaines.

It was time to leave Spain.

On top of not having gotten much sleep thanks to the jerk wind that whipped our tent all night long, we didn’t have a lot to eat for breakfast. When we reached Llançà, I went into a grocery shop and took photos of food that interested me while Yann guarded our bikes.

Banana. Croissant. Yogurt. Fish.

“What you don’t know is that I’m still alive.”

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The rest day after the best day.

Day 6.

30km: Esponellà – Girona.

I fought with the idea of having a “rest day”. We only had two weeks to explore, but Girona was only 30km away, and we had brought our regular shoes.

It could also be nice to spend the day in loose-fitting clothes.

It could be nice to climb a lot of stairs… on our rest day.

Ok, let’s see where this takes us.

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The things I make my legs do.

Day 5.

92km, 1287m climbing: Arles-sur-Tech – Maçanet de Cabrenys – Esponellà.

Ed had explained to Yann and me the previous night that our only way into Spain was over the mountains. A reattempt of Col d’Ares was an option, but there was also the less intimidating Col de Coustouges. Yann was ready to give Col d’Ares another shot but Ed pointed out that Col de Coustouges was a great climb. I said I’d sleep on it although I was definitely going with Col de Coustouges.

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