Intersecting Thuir.

Day 9.

95km, 1163m climbing: Saint-Génis-des-Fontaines – Saint-Martin-Lys.

When we left Thuir on the 26th, I said, “It’s strange to think we’ll never be back here.”

Well, we came back. We arrived around lunchtime and decided to return to the same bakery for the third time to have another jésuite. The baker recognized us and remarked, “These jésuites are really addictive, aren’t they?”

Best jésuite in town!

(If you don’t know what a jésuite is, I’m not going to ruin the surprise.)

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Fighting the windy coast.

Day 3.

82km: Villerouge-La-Crémade – Port-la-Nouvelle – Thuir.

The following morning, we checked the weather report: ah, sunshine. But also more wind: 40+km/h with gusts exceeding 70 km/hr. The owner of the gîte was not in the least bit surprised for this type of wind was seasonal. It even had a specific name: tramontane. We had no choice but to go against the wind and head further south-east.

Les Terres Basses.
So long and thanks for all the homemade yogurt!

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