Spiritually materialistic.

Keeping my mind and hands busy at the keyboard rather than Netflix and Chill™ isn’t the only change I am trying to make in my life.

I have cut back on alcohol. Instead of having 3-5 alcoholic drinks a week, I only have about one. Please excuse me if I don’t seem as fun.

As of October 2017, I identify as a pescatarian, which is fancy for saying “I don’t eat cute animals”. It says that I care about animal welfare… but notthat much. I even only eat eggs laid by partially liberated chicken.

As of some time not too long ago, I decided that I’d make more of an effort to be less materialistic. Before every change of address, I am blown away by the amount of stuff that I had managed to accumulate. I already have everything I need; I should not have to move out of a place with more boxes than it took to move in.

Now that I am sharing a small place with Yann, I am finding that we have zero space for anything new. This has been helpful in reminding myself to not buy more shit, no matter how cute it is. The satisfaction a new purchase gives you is fleeting.

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