Highway One.

It’s me! I’ve survived time travel. Travelling three hours back in time only took 4,500+km and 8 days strapped in the passenger seat of the Jetta.

The cats survived too.

They didn’t like it very much, but they survived.

“Hold me, Enfoiré.”

Surprisingly enough, Bubble was a more tolerant traveller than Enfoiré. I shelled out $40 for Feliway Classic spray, which seemed to have no effect on the furry dudes. We decided against drugging them with Gravol or Benadryl or whatever other cherry flavoured medication there is for barfy humans. We were counting on them to get used to being in the car. After all, how could cats have the energy to meow for the entire 4,500km?

The first hour was rough, but after some time they settled down. For the first 5 days, they’d complain for the first hour of the ride, with the exception of the Sault Ste. Marie – Wawa, ON leg of the trip as the highway was in a rough shape. 250km (3 hours) of persistent meowing let us know that they really did not appreciate the work of Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation.

Our trip went like this:

March 20: Montréal – Rapides-des-Joachims, QC (432km)

21: Rapides-des-Joachims, QC – Sault Ste. Marie, ON (615km)

22: Sault Ste. Marie, ON – Thunder Bay, ON (706km)

23: Thunder Bay, ON – Lido Plage, MB (737km)

24: Lido Plage, MB – Regina, SK (550km)

25: Regina, SK – Calgary, AB (754km)

26: Calgary, AB – Kamloops, BC (656km)

27: Kamloops, BC – Maple Ridge, BC (350km)

Even if you don’t have the Instagram app, you can view our adventure here.

The most beautiful portion of our journey was without a doubt Calgary, AB to Revelstoke, BC. I was hoping Yann could make the 2km detour off highway #1 to Lake Louise, but 10km before we reached Lake Louise, the weather looked like this:

Yes, Yann, it snows in BC.

Fuck Lake Louise. We’ll just have to come back some other day.

The cats had become cooperative by the 6th day. Bubble had even become dutiful int he mornings when the time came to coax him into the carrier. Yann and I think Bubble was kind of just happy to be with us 24/7.

I’d like to write more about our journey across Canada once we get our living situation sorted out. We start our new jobs on the 8th, but we are still homeless. Out of everything involved in moving across Canada, finding a place to rent in Victoria is going to be the most difficult. Out of the 60 or so places available to rent within 25km of Victoria, less than 10 are pet-friendly.


Bubble in bliss.

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