A rapid succession of non-successes.

I miss bouldering. It’s not that Victoria doesn’t have a bouldering gym, it’s just not Bloc Shop. I’ve switched back to climbing. Yes, there’s a difference: one can be good at climbing, but suck at bouldering. This was me until I moved to Montréal and started going to Bloc Shop regularly. Then, I was mediocre at both.

In a seemingly futile attempt to improve, Yann and I would often film each other’s attempts on the trickier problems (bouldering routes are called problems). These videos were usually deleted from my phone shortly afterward; however, many of them ended up being automatically uploaded to my Google account.

What was I supposed to do with them all?

Make a compilation of our fails!*

(If you’re viewing this on your phone, you might want to go directly to YouTube where you’ll be able to watch the video vertically.)

I’ve removed the audio, which was probably just grunting noise from the other climbers, but I say “Fuck!” repeatedly, and at 0:09 I sign, “Why did I think that was a good idea?”

*The idea of making a fail compilation came from the non-mediocre climber, Eric Sethna. I even copied his editing style! Originality fail!

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