Makeshift southpaw.

Essential oils? As in, you’d die without them? I think not.

My right arm has been out of commission for a few days now. There’s no exciting story behind this injury: it’s a repetitive strain injury that started back in my desk job days. It began with tendinitis in my wrists, which is why I now use a mouse with my left hand and can type one-handed. For the most part, my wrists are okay; however, the bike accident from two years ago added a dodgy right shoulder, which is what’s currently bothering me, to my growing list of ailments. It feels like I have a heavy, burning limb hanging from my shoulder: 0/10 would not recommend.

Rather than turn to oils, essential or otherwise, I had a doctor prescribe me an anti-inflammatory drug. I dug through the pantry one-armed for the leftovers only to find that they’d expired a year ago. I needed a doctor to authorize a re-supply; alas, doctors are rarer than affordable places to rent in Victoria. Similarly, walk-in clinics are a myth, for they get booked up before you can get a foot in the door. Basically, it’s infinitely easier to procure Fentanyl in Victoria than any medication requiring a prescription.

I knew of a deaf doctor in Vancouver who was taking video chat appointments at the start of the year. But when I checked her online booking system while at work, I ran into a dead link. So, I texted a mainland-based friend, Kristen (the same one whose room I took over years ago), asking her if she knew what was up. Kristen confirmed that the doctor wasn’t accepting appointments until the new year. She suggested that I try Babylon by Telus app. (Huh! A telecommunications company is now providing health care?) Her other suggestion was to visit the ER.

To the ER for an RSI? The triage staff would laugh at me and make me wait a week for my meds!

I downloaded the Babylon app and set up a virtual appointment for the next morning, not knowing whether I’d be able to communicate with this doctor via text. I was prepared to write on paper and show it to the doctor on camera if it came to that. I punched out of work early, and on my way home, I passed a recently opened clinic under the name of… Babylon by Telus. It appeared to be empty, so I went inside to ask the Babylonians whether the app had the option to text. They said no, but recognized my unique circumstances and fit me in for an in-person appointment!

The last time I tried to access a doctor via a clinic, the receptionist accused me of seeking special treatment. “If we make an exception for you, we’d have to do it for everybody else,” I was told. Good grief! If your service is inaccessible to me, then, yeah, you need to make an exception.

Fortunately, the Babylonians knew this, and within an hour, I saw their overlord, Dr. Reckon. I wanted to tell her she had a kick-ass name but instead whined about my arm. Upon receiving my prescription, I thanked her for being so accommodating, to which she responded, “No problem. Anytime.”

I don’t think she meant that, though. I don’t think I can show up at her Fernwood basement suite (as that’s all even physicians can afford in Victoria) at 2am to request a solution for my mask-ne. Essential oils are probably my best bet at this point.

In case you didn’t find my latest predicament enthralling, it may interest you to know that the deaf doctor, Kristen, and I all starred in the educational video mentioned in this post. (In the photo, Kristen is on the far right and the doctor is the dark-haired girl in front of the cow.) Also, although not in the photo, Nigel had the leading role in the video!

My fresh supply of anti-inflammatory pills was a small win. What put a smile on my acne-riddled face, though, was a video from Thomas of Horse Cycles. My frame has been welded, reamed, chased, faced, and is ready for paint! Here’s a capture from the video showing its gorgeous curved seat stays:

A raw bike frame photographed from the rear, showing the swooping seat stays.
Clearance for 650B x 2.25″ without fenders and 650B x 47mm with fenders!

Should I go for Bone, Eggshell, or Pale Nimbus White? With the Horse logo in the Silian Rail typeface?

Gif of Patrick Bateman nodding his head and sarcastically saying, "Impressive, very nice."

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