The Outsiders.

I inadvertently bought a new bike today.

Introducing my least favourite bike:

I’ve named it Cherry Valance to keep the theme I have going with naming my bikes after characters from a book I read about 25 years ago.

It happened after I messaged Zack asking him whether I could secure Ponyboy at his place so I could collect a prescription from the pharmacy down the street. He gave me the ok and added, “You need a city beater.”

“I know! Keep an eye out for a small frame so that I can start building one!”

“There’s a sweet little Rocky Mountain here that’s been abandoned.” (Zack works at a bike shop.)

I headed to his workplace to check it out, expecting to find a bike requiring a lot of TLC. Instead, it appeared that the bike had work done, and the person who brought it in never returned. It wasn’t free as I’d hoped, but its condition considered, it was a good deal. It’s a bike I’m comfortable riding, lending out, and locking up. Instead of walking places to run errands because I refuse to leave either Ponyboy or Sodapop unattended, I now have Cherry.

Cherry will take me to my doctor appointment on Monday. I’ve been dealing with respiratory issues for the past month. It’s not COVID. It can’t be COVID: I’ve tested negative twice and have no other symptoms. I can still go hard on rides, although I’ve been paying for it with intense coughing fits after these rides. The post-exercise hacking wasn’t unusual. I’ve dealt with exercise-induced bronchoconstriction (EIB) for years. This time around, though, the cough has persisted in-between workouts. It is not a good look when COVID is still a concern. I’m guessing my condition has turned into full-blown asthma, but as I don’t have a medical degree–not even from Hollywood Upstairs Medical College–I await Monday’s diagnosis.

Now that shorts weather has finally arrived, I’ve been putting Sodapop to work. I signed up for the About the Ride: Victoria Segment Challenge a few weeks ago. Each week some of this city’s strongest riders throw down the gauntlet on two Strava segments. (Strava is social media for fit people, mainly runners, and cyclists, but there are some weirdo paddleboarders.) There is a leaderboard for every segment; however, it doesn’t mean those in the top 10 gave their best effort. It’s more gratifying receiving a Top 10 time when you know others gave it their best shot. I have had some success. I was also keen on gaining some fast new riding buddies. I have also had some success.

I’m sitting out this week’s segments until I have my coughing under control. Since the cough started, I’ve switched from smoking to ingesting cannabis. I prefer beverages to edibles as the high seems to last longer. A month ago, it would’ve been impossible to type up a post like this after ingesting 10mg of THC. But I think I have done well… which is not a good thing. An increase in tolerance is a decrease in funds.

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