In the grand scheme of things… this isn’t so grand.

Yann talks to the cats in front of me. It’s cute because he’s inclusive: he signs simultaneously so that I’ll understand him, even though the cats don’t.

He asked Enfoiré the Perpetually Hungry:

“Do you know how much food you could get for $5?”

*dramatic pause*

“A small bag of treats! That’s it!”

A wide-eyed plump grey cat stares out into space. The backdrop is a red couch with a Twin Peaks themed pillow.
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A short distance overseas.

On Wednesday, Yann reached another milestone: the anniversary of his conception. He celebrated the usual way, turning it into a destination Birthday. Last year, we were at the base of Mt. Albert Edward. The year before, we were in France. Before that? New Hampshire.

Anyway, you get the idea: August is a good month to have been birthed.

In the time of Coronavirus, we had to be low-key with this year’s destination and tote a pump dispenser of hand sanitizer. I also brought a chair, binoculars, and at least twelve articles of clothing even though we were gone for just a night.

So, where did we go?

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