“If the light is in your heart, you will find [a] home.”

A week before I learned that I was about to lose the walls I was renting, I saw that one of my favourite artists, James Jean, was releasing a limited edition print on my birthday. It was a time-limited print, which meant it was only available for purchase during a 24-hour period.

I base most of my purchases on whether I need or want it. After a week of mulling, I decided to fulfill my want. Even after learning of my eventual eviction, I decided to not let my landlords stand in the way of this beauty:

I love it.

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“There are no wolves in Africa.”

Yup, you learned it here.

I did not go to Africa. instead, I returned to the mainland for a Scrabble rematch. For more than two months, I carried the shame of finishing last against Marianne and Shannon. It’s a strong possibility this is the reason I have hardly blogged since my last visit to the mainland. I’m beyond a sore loser.

Two hours of laying down tiles and intersecting words resulted in this:

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