Fighting the windy coast.

Day 3.

82km: Villerouge-La-Crémade – Port-la-Nouvelle – Thuir.

The following morning, we checked the weather report: ah, sunshine. But also more wind: 40+km/h with gusts exceeding 70 km/hr. The owner of the gîte was not in the least bit surprised for this type of wind was seasonal. It even had a specific name: tramontane. We had no choice but to go against the wind and head further south-east.

Les Terres Basses.
So long and thanks for all the homemade yogurt!

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Brevity is all I can afford.

Mosquitoes here in Saint-Génis-des-Fontaines have a taste for this Canadian. With every sentence I type, I get a new bite!

This trip is going to have to be rebranded as our Catalonia bike tour. At this point we’ve already seen more than 650km worth of Catalonia.

We had some idea of how much climbing we’d have to do on our bikes, yet it’s been tougher than expected. The surprising challenge ended up being the wind. In fact, once we reached Port-la-Nouvelle last Saturday, the wind was so intense that I had to convince Yann to take the train to Perpignan so that we could bypass the worst of it. I don’t know why a mouthful of sand wasn’t enough to convince him.

Another thing I learned is how essential it is to be well-fuelled in the mornings. This means big breakfasts! No shame in stuffing your face with 4 chocolate croissants. We need the calories!

I’ve been keeping a paper journal and aim to blog in detail once I’m home.

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