January 26, 2005 Throwback blog post.

I’ve spent the last two days deodorizing the place with Christmastime smells. Today will be more of the same.

I’m going to recycle some old content today. I figure if I didn’t remember it well, that nobody who had read my blog fifteen years ago would. It made me laugh and also a little sad because Victoria is the friend who passed away two years ago due to complications from the same health issue mentioned in this throwback post.

Once upon a time, we tried making hooch in my bathtub and laughed and laughed.

…And then laughed some more.

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October 27, 2005 Throwback blog post

Preface: Two friends and I set out to make Pruno using this recipe. (There is now a WikiHow for Pruno!) Pruno is a type of alcoholic drink that can be made using just food found in prison.

There was a post about the process dated January 24, 2005, but it’s mainly me complaining about having to peel a lot of oranges. The thrilling post was supposed to come once Pruno was ready (but probably not safe) for consumption.


That day did not come, because we forgot about Pruno until I brought it up in a MSN conversation months later. (I’m “bolo throwing champion of 1976”.)

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