Sailing into the face of danger in the name of vacation.

I’m still around. But, I wasn’t for a while. Yann and I–like everybody else–had to scale back our vacation plans for the year. We still wanted to leave town, so the obvious option was to spend a week on the mainland, where there are more people, and consequently, more infected people.

Our vacation included a few non-vacationy activities. I got my hair cut, skin pumped full of pigment, and made a trip to Ikea.

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A survey of the damage.

Yann gave me a peck on the cheek just before he left for work yesterday. I had to remind him, “I’m not sick.”

It’s been four days since my accident. Physically, I’m doing much better but mentally, I’m either all fogged up from the painkillers, or plainly bummed.

As my right arm got the worst of the impact; I can’t use it for very long before it starts to throb. My full-sleeve is surely camouflaging the severity of the wound. When I pulled off the gauze, there was an imprint of the tattoo on the fabric. I did not know it was possible for ink to leak out a fully-healed tattoo!

If you’re not into mildly gory healing photos, stop here.

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Flamboyant rats.

It’s my laptop’s 10th birthday today.

…Is what I would say if I knew when exactly I purchased this laptop. It is approximately 10 years old though, and often struggles to connect to our wireless network. On these days, I sometimes resort to using a 3-foot-long ethernet cable which essentially tethers me 3 feet away from the cats’ shitting den as our modem is located above it.

At this point, there is no need for a new laptop, merely a want. “Laptop” isn’t going on my shopping list anytime soon.

If it isn’t the smell of the catbox keeping me away from mashing at the keyboard, then it’s the squirrels. They are so distractingly cute!

Yesterday morning I set out to pick up some body wash and mail a parcel. The pharmacy/post office is only a 10-minute walk, yet the mission took me an hour to complete.


Behold, my favourite city-dwelling animal with my favourite cookie in its mouth!

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