A survey of the damage.

Yann gave me a peck on the cheek just before he left for work yesterday. I had to remind him, “I’m not sick.”

It’s been four days since my accident. Physically, I’m doing much better but mentally, I’m either all fogged up from the painkillers, or plainly bummed.

As my right arm got the worst of the impact; I can’t use it for very long before it starts to throb. My full-sleeve is surely camouflaging the severity of the wound. When I pulled off the gauze, there was an imprint of the tattoo on the fabric. I did not know it was possible for ink to leak out a fully-healed tattoo!

If you’re not into mildly gory healing photos, stop here.

20180711_190905 (800x800)

When I fell, my sunglasses smashed into my face and bruised my nose which isn’t as bad as breaking my face completely. Somehow, the sunglasses did not break!

My hair is hiding bonus scabbing and bruising.

20180711_184429 (800x800)

This looks worse than my other wounds, but hurts the least.

20180711_191107 (800x600)

I can’t bend my knees properly with these pieces of beef jerky stuck to my knee skin. My knees haven’t been this crusty since I was a child.

20180711_191233 (800x800)

My arm only just stopped oozing today. The tattoo must be masking some massive bruising because this is fairly painful.

I have less severe scrapes all over my shoulders, left elbow, and down my right thigh.

In my previous post, I mentioned having broken the shift levers on my bike: Yann has fixed them! The mechanism was just jammed with gravel.

I think I’m scared of gravel now.

4 thoughts on “A survey of the damage.

  1. I actually read this post first, but then when back to see what happened.
    I am guessing that tattoos are several layers deep in the skin–I guess you reached those layers. Once again, I hope you feel better soon.


    1. Whoa! I was beginning to wonder why nobody ever commented, and then discovered that I had to approve them first. Is my face red!

      I still don’t know how badly the tattoo got damaged. I was aware that deep scars cause damage to tattoos, I just didn’t realize ink would literally bleed out; I kind of figured the pigments would eventually dry inside my body, like paint… I just never really thought about it.

      Thanks for leaving a comment… and a nice one, too!

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