Can’t say I’m a fan…

It is 34° C in Montréal today which means if you wish to purchase a tub of ice cream to cool down, you’d only have about five minutes to transport it back home in your vehicle.

Montréal is a city that cannot be navigated without being forced to take surprise detours. Today, thousands of sweaty Montréalaises arrived home from the supermarket to find that they had bought a whole tub of… mint chocolate chip soup.

I generally enjoy the heat. Like many people, I do enjoy stating the obvious by declaring, “It’s hot!” Unlike most, I don’t do it in that whiny way. Rather, I do this to fit in; to show hearing people that deaf people understand the concept of body temperature.

“I can’t hear you whining, but please allow me to inform you that I, too, find it hot.”

Since I did not buy ice cream, I cannot cry over melted ice cream. Instead, I will complain about Yann’s fan.

Now, when I moved in with him back in March it was decided that we’d give away my super cheap fan and keep his much sturdier-looking fan. What I did not realize was that his fan came with a “Dance Party” mode that cannot be shut off.


This is especially fun when you’re trying to sleep. Even the above gif was annoying enough for me to insert a “read more” link.

Sticking a strip of duct tape over the control panel wasn’t enough to remedy the problem. We had to use aluminum foil tape over the control panel, as well as electrical tape where the plastic casing meets as the light was leaking through the seams. Even with the careful placement of two different types of tape, when I crack one eye open while laying in bed, I can tell that there’s a tiny rave happening inside Yann’s fan.

I hate it. I would rather be sleeping in pool of my own sweat.

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