Wigging out indoors.

I’m starting to feel one of the side effects of COVID-19: Cabin Fever. I’ve become acclimatized to a very narrow range of temperatures of 18-20ºC. The only time I don’t see Yann is when he uses the washroom, and sometimes I go in there just to be alone. I’ve been experimenting with aerating my meals, making egg soufflé and soufflé pancakes, which I then pair with a glass of club soda. Yeah, I have a lot of air in my diet. (And cat hair. I cleaned out the fridge yesterday. HOW DID THAT MUCH CAT HAIR END UP INSIDE THE FRIDGE?)

I’ve also been making the opposite of that, as evident by these conjoined cookies:

Ten chocolate chip cookies on a baking sheet that have mostly melted so that they're touching each other.

While not bake sale-worthy, they were a puddle of delicious. I put the leftover dough in the fridge, so the subsequent batches the oven birthed came out beautifully. They’re the Bon Appetit Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Yann will tell you that I get into a weirdly upbeat mood when we go grocery shopping. We only go once every 4-5 days now compared to daily, making our food runs all the more special. It’s been a thrill seeing which products have been restocked (toilet paper is back!) or run dry, and the creative social-distancing measures they’ve put forth, which I hope will be permanent. The aisles are one-way now. There are markers in front of the checkout indicating where people are to stand and people are respecting it. No more old men “accidentally” brushing up against me while they put their canned goods on the conveyor belt? AWESOME. I don’t see kids–those tiny walking Petri dishes–ever. DOUBLE AWESOME.

I don’t even miss drinking pop with my friends.

A display sign sits on top of boxes of Coca-Cola. The sign features a diverse group of friends holding up bottles of coke. The sign reads: Perfect with Easter Gatherings.
“I don’t think Jesus is resurrecting this year.”–Yann

I don’t like flavoured carbonated drinks much, though. Give me my bubbles straight-up, please.

Speaking of Bubble, he and Enfoiré re-enacted the Mufasa death scene from Lion King for us yesterday. (It’s an 8MB gif, sorry. It seemed too short to embed as a YouTube video. Also, Bubble dangled for an additional five seconds before pulling himself back up on the tree.)

An animated gif of a chonky grey cat batting a paw from the top of a cat tree as a smaller black and white cat rolls off the lower level only to grab onto the tree with his front paws.

Instead of Pride Rock, it’s an assemblage of wooden parts with carpet stapled to it. We gotta be resourceful in times like this.

As for my simulated life, I’ve put it on hold in favour of playing a new character:

A brown-skinned Sim character wearing a burgundy outfit dances next to a white couch.
Simulated Dynamic Meditation.

You’ve read my last post, right?

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