The eyes say it all?

I’ve made my triumphant return to work! This is how I feel about it:

I'm looking at the camera with happy eyes. I am wearing orange eyeglasses and a light blue fabric mask.

I believe this is what’s called “smizing”. (Yeah, I used to be into ANTM, but only up until Cycle 5. I’m a RPDR gal now.)

This is how I feel about having so much shit on my face.

I'm rolling my eyes. Wearing orange glasses and a light blue mask.

These glasses are especially not compatible with wearing a mask. They fog up so much, making it difficult for me to see what I’m doing. Also, I think wearing a mask has caused my skin to break out. I guess my face doesn’t like carbon monoxide vapours.

I have an even bigger, yet less-visible problem though.

One eyebrow is slightly raised while I have a pained look in my eyes. I am wearing orange eyeglasses and a light blue mask.

I have a canker sore for the first time since I was a kid. It feels like a tiny piece of glass is trapped in the pocket between my gums and the inside of my lower lip. Life is uncomfortable.

Another discomfort I’ve been experiencing is…

Similar photo to the above, only I am looking to the side.

My body is confused by the upsurge in time spent upright.

Yann is only just beginning to understand that even though 30 isn’t old, that it’s when your body starts to lose its resiliency. I’ve been in my 30s for six years now: I’m not surprised my feet, knees, and back are sore after 8 hours of standing.

Also, we’ve been given the noon-8pm shift, which means we don’t eat dinner until 9pm, which makes for a disoriented digestive system.

How have the cats been coping with our absence? A friend joked about Enfoiré shitting all over the place in protest, but that didn’t happen. Instead, Enfoiré yakked up the biggest hairball we’d ever seen.

Wide-eyed with arched eyebrows. I look like I'm about to fly into a rage. Still wearing orange glasses and a light blue mask.

It was about 10cm long (I confirmed the size with Yann, who cleaned it up). Gross. And sort of impressive. It looked like a slug had somehow broken into our place!

The perk of working with Yann is that we’re able to work in close proximity, as we live together anyway. Like me, he had some complaints about being back at work.

“We’ve only been back for two days, and already you’re complaining?” I asked.

Giving the side-eye. My eyebrows are relaxed. Orange eyeglasses and blue face mask makes yet another appearance.

What can I say? We’re a whiny duo.

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