People are real?

Now that I’ve been reintegrated into the real world, I could ditch social media again. I was glad to have my Insta back over the two months, where I had face-to-face interactions with only one person.

Yann’s been a trooper, but sometimes my questions are a little too much for him. A few weeks ago, I asked select friends via Insta, “If you could shoot silk out of your butt like a spider, would you tell anybody?” I relished the diversity of the responses that followed.

A few days ago, I tested a hypothesis on my followers.

How often do people make “neutral” remarks about your appearance? Eg. “Oh, you’re wearing green pants?”

My theory was that these comments were most often aimed at certain people. Women? Those who dress in a way that deviates from the current trend? Scorpios?

The answers were all over the place. A bunch of people responded, “never“.

Good grief, I cannot imagine a life in where people actually say nothing when they have nothing nice to say. Must be fantastic. When people point out their observation, I can only assume they’re acknowledging that they find whatever I’ve done with my appearance to be out of the ordinary. If it was meant as a compliment, they’d have preceded the statement with, “I like…” 

I don’t care if it means that don’t like my style. I don’t like being reminded of what I’m wearing or what my hair looks like by people every day.

So, I can’t get that giant sun hat I’ve been wanting out of practicality. I can deal with the sun’s heat more than I can deal with the, “Wow, that’s a big hat!” comments.

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