Chronically unmotivated.

I’ve owned a robot sculpture for years now, handmade by my uncle, and given to me as a Christmas gift. This pseudo-bot measures less than a foot tall and weighs about five pounds. Its got wrought iron arms welded onto a steel box, topped off with a vacuum tube head. For years, it’s purpose was to stand there and look cool.

Until now…

I’ll never misplace another tube of lip balm.

A wrought iron robot sculpture with a vacuum tube head is shown with two tubes of lip balm clamped into its hands.

Last week, I made the rookie mistake of not emptying my pockets before tossing my pants into the laundry hamper. My Burt’s Bees lip balm went for a tumble in the cold wash and came out intact. Nothing changed: not the texture, taste, nor scent. I know the outcome would’ve been different had I not spotted it before tossing the wet bundle into the dryer.

Clearly, not much has happened since last week’s Yanniversary camp out on Salt Spring Island if re-purposing my robot sculpture was the week’s most notable moment.

I made plans to leave Vancouver Island again next week to get my tattoo worked on, but the spike in COVID-19 cases has scared me away from the mainland. As Yann wouldn’t be coming with me this time, I’d have to take public transit to and from the ferries. As a non-verbal deafie, my method of reminding people to stay 6ft back is a stink eye paired with the gesture for back off. It looks so bitchy, but what else am I supposed to do? And at this point, why do people even need a reminder to keep their distance?

A yellow button reads PLEASE STAND BACK 16 FEET WHEN TALKING TO ME. The 1 has been made out of black electrical tape.
Actually, please don’t talk to me at all.

The tattoo was to be an extension of the one I got in July; in fact, the long-term plan was to wrap my right thigh fully. I can go for years without getting a new tattoo (the longest gap in-between tattoos being five years), and then become bothered by all the white space on my body. This itch for new tattoos has come at a bad time.

Rather than unwillingly mingle with the COVID-19 infested plebs of the mainland, I’ll be using the short intermission from work to create a new video for my neglected YouTube channel.

Or I’ll make like a performance artist and spend the week loafing around the apartment, clutching two tubes of lip balm in my hands. Who knows?

4 thoughts on “Chronically unmotivated.

  1. That is an amazing sculpture! 🙂

    P.S. My college art professors always would tell me that the “loafing” part of art was arguably the most important. All the hours staring at something inevitably would add to your experience as an artist. 😉

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    1. The robot has totally been worth moving across the country twice!

      I don’t think when your college art professor said that, that smartphones were a thing… What a time-suck! (I’m day two into my five-day vacation and haven’t gotten much done.)


  2. My last apartment had a back door near the washing machine where I stored my bike and the dryer frequently was a shelf for bike paraphernalia so it shouldn’t be a surprise to find out that once when I was unloading the clean wash I found a bottle of muc-off lube in the washer tub.

    Impressively the cap was still on and if any came out it had washed away clean. I don’t think it did though because the bottle still had plenty in it.

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