Look, look, looky-look!

Hey everyone, come and see how good I look!

This is possibly YouTube’s first how-to video on tuning a drivetrain that doesn’t require listening for noise. I’m a trailblazer!

If you’re able to hear, you may still benefit from the extra visuals. Or maybe you’re one of my co-workers and have always wondered how the hell I do it.

Anyway, I made it a two-parter for two reasons:

  1. YouTubees have the attention span of a goldfish. I wasn’t about to go through the trouble of creating a 20+ minute video only to see the views flatline after 10 minutes.
  2. Frankly, I don’t have the second part filmed yet.

In this first part, I show the stuff I wish I had understood before I was put in front of a bike with a phillips screwdriver in hand. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE LIMIT SCREWS?!”

Watch the video, and you’ll know! Spoiler alert: they’re limiting.

5 thoughts on “Look, look, looky-look!

  1. I love it. I’ve watched at least half a dozen videos on limit screws and this is the only time I’ve actually come close to understanding how they work and how adjusting them works.

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