New year, same me.

Why should I change?! You’re the one who sucks.

Embarrassing myself in gif form.

I know, I fell out of my blogging routine. I’ve made several false starts, all of which remain in my drafts, possibly forever. Lots have happened since my last post, which was last year! One of the things that did NOT happen, though, was a gingerbread creation. Sorry, whoever posted that comment in my previous post. Life’s full of disappointments: get used to it.

But today, the above victory dance is for my first century ride of the year, which I managed to pull off in JANUARY. Go, me. And this victory dance was just me trying to warm up after disembarking the ferry. The average temperature for today’s ride was an unpleasant 3° C. I had disposable handwarmers in my mitts, bra, and under my neoprene toe covers.

This was not good enough.

Modelling my frozen meathooks.

I could be a hand model… for medical textbooks.

It was nippy as fuck, and Salt Spring Island is 100% hills. I managed to sucker Yann into joining me, and he didn’t regret it. Like me, he almost did. But we both missed riding outside so much, and we got to visit our old pal Alex on his farm.

Look at who I got to see again:

Mr. Woo!

Anyway, I wanted to make this post to say, “I’m not dead!” But after today’s ride, I sort of am.

Not impressed by how Yann was impressed by ducks in mud.

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