That wasn’t a part of the plan.

Good news, everyone!

My summer was eventful. Very blog-worthy… if I had the time/will to blog.

Once I got back from my UK trip (which most certainly did not go as planned), the sunny weather was constant. So constant, yesterday was the first day of rain Victoria saw in almost a hundred days!

I got Omnicronned on the third day of my UK adventures which meant all the camping gear I’d brought with me did not get touched. In the two weeks I was there, I rode 300 km altogether. So, upon my return, I kicked into FOMO mode and found myself rolling into a Ducknana meet-up; in Nanaimo for a roommate reunion; in the parking lot of Artist Point of Mt. Baker… AND MANY MORE!

The most gossip-worthy news, though…

I have entered an aggressively short-distance relationship. The morning after our first hook-up, he said, “Now for me to do the walk of shame for…. ten feet.”

His bedroom is next to mine, but we do not live together. We live next to each other. (It’s not the now-former colleague, but his roommate.) The biggest challenge has been finding the time to do the things I enjoy, as he is currently my favourite hobby. AND HE IS WAY TOO ACCESSIBLE.

And we’re like this:

Just now, he messaged me to announce his early arrival from work, so I’ll cut this post short. But, as we have several mutual friends who seem to have the impression that this new relationship is still in a state of secrecy: it’s not.

It never was!

Jordi and I are a thing. And it’s a good thing.

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