I just wish I had her sweet, sweet, s-s-sweet can.

I have not given up on blogging. Other things have occupied my time, such as Jordi and more Jordi. Also, trying to win over his cat, Klaus:

One Orange Brain Celled Cat.

I’m hesitant about posting a photo of Jordi, as he’s a “private person” who doesn’t use social media, except for FacePlant, to “keep in touch with family” as is the acceptable reason to still have FacePlant in 2022. But you should know that he makes a killer Ned Flanders, even without the jaundicing. All it took was a pink shirt and a green sweater from GAP.

I was lazy for Halloween again this year and went as a Senior Proctor for the NXIVM cult again. However, it was also the first year I’d treated Trick or Treaters. The roomie grabbed some fun sized treats from Slave on Foods while I sourced my contribution from Bulk Barn. The roomie and I opted to leave a bowl of candy unattended at the top of our stairs.

To announce our address’ participation, I carved two pumpkins. The Cosmic Owl:

You Blew It.

It was more work than expected. I’d picked up two pumpkins as they were just a dollar each. I figured the costume-less roomie or Ned Flanders could carve out some creativity in the pumpkin I’d kindly pre-gutted for them. Sadly, neither of them was game. Jordi scare-diddly-dared to help me finish the second Jack-O-Lantern which was meant to attract more children:

An hour into this pumpkin being set alight, the colossal bowl of candy was still rather full.

“I don’t think the pumpkin is working,” I said to Jordi.

“It’s probably giving the opposite effect. It’s kind of creepy.”


Obscure, recycled costume aside, I more than half-assed my participation in Halloween this year. Go, me. Pity it took me two weeks to blog about it.

Now that I know Jordi is more than willing to dress up for Halloween, I shall spend the next 11 months planning next Halloween’s costume. It’ll be a couples costume, and it won’t be the Boston Dynamics BigDog as Jordi has already shot down that suggestion, insisting that nobody would “get it”. But obscurity is my thing. I’m the ultimate hipster.

Alright, I’m off to do some cycling in France. Virtually, anyway. Zwift season is upon us!

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