Naps are key, until they aren’t.

According to Jordi, the last viewing of my place did not go well. The realtor and her client were in and out in about three minutes. They spoke Mandarin the entire time, and when they went upstairs, Jordi noticed that the client raised her voice. Then that was the end of the tour.

Jordi also believes the realtor might’ve mistaken him for my roommate. They don’t look alike beyond being similar-sized white guys with a beard. Either that, or bearded white guys naturally command more respect from realtors.

Since then, there have been no other showings, but the listed price hasn’t dropped either. The owner plans on finishing the stairs after the roomie and I vacate the unit. This is what it looks like now:

I mean, I guess that would be a start…. Is this what the realtor meant when she described the place as “a great starter home”? Because it’s unfinished?

As my key was with Jordi so that he could make the appointment, I came home to discover that Jordi wasn’t responding to my texts. This meant I couldn’t get into my place. I knew he’d gone home after the realtor left, but that’s right next door. Still, no Jordi.

“The key is in you, child.”

My roomie was out of town, and when I texted his roomie, his roomie had just boarded a plane. Before the plane took off, the roomie gave me his girlfriend’s phone number, saying she had a spare key to his place. I asked myself how long I should wait before bothering the lady for the key. Also, why the heck wasn’t Jordi responding? He knew I was without my key! He knew I was working until 5!

I chose to wait 35 minutes before composing a message to this lady keyholder. Right before I hit send, Jordi ran up the stairs to the deck, where I was seated cross-legged. He was still in his pajamas: I already knew what had happened before he admitted he’d fallen asleep.

Admittedly, I was peeved. I’d planned on going to the pharmacy right after work to get refills on my mood stabilizers as it closed at 6. This worked to Jordi’s favour, as I had no time to chew him out: I bolted to the pharmacy and managed to submit my prescription three minutes before closing. This gave me enough time to reassess the situation: it was an accident and he’d already apologized. What more could be done?

Lemme try the poll feature:

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