In case you missed it.

The other day, someone came into the bike shop for a hub repack. This is when we remove the axle and replace the bearings (either loose or sealed). What are loose or sealed bearings, you might be wondering?

It doesn’t matter.

As the guy handed over his wheel to Yann, he mumbled something about how he would have done it himself. Yann was technically still on his break, so the job was passed on to me. 

Upon completion of any job, I am to sign off on the work order, which has a space to write comments if needed. I resisted the temptation to write, “Good thing you let us know that this is something you could’ve done on your own. I don’t know what I would’ve done without that information.” I also doubt this was true: both lock nuts were undone.

Yann was equally annoyed, “The next time someone tells us this, we should charge them double!”

There was no need to be snarky. There’s nothing wrong with not knowing the difference between sealed and loose ball bearings. Or what lock nuts are. Unless, of course, you are the bike mechanic.

The point of this brief post is to drop the link to my surprisingly uplifting guest post over on Deafinitely Wanderlust.

Give the rest of the website a read as well!



6 thoughts on “In case you missed it.

  1. Lol yes, I agree with Yann– next time someone says that, charge them extra! There’s no way he could have done it in his own, otherwise he would have…


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