Same… same…

I haven’t left the apartment in four days now, not out of fear of getting infected, but because I am infected.

Street art I found in Beijing 10 years ago.

With COVID-19, though? Probably not. It started with a runny nose and then turned into a cough. But, I haven’t been feverish, and I seem to be improving. Of course, being in this condition makes my presence very unwanted out there. Work won’t allow me to come in for my shifts, and I don’t get paid sick days.

On the second day of my illness, I was having difficulty breathing. I spared no details of my paranoia to Yann who, of course, tried being reassuring.

“In 1986, there was a Meningitis outbreak. And who got Meningitis? ME!” I signed to Yann.

Why did I sign? Because I’m deaf. How did I become deaf?


It put me in a coma. That’s how close I was to dying. Yes, it’s going to be a struggle in regards to work and accessing our usual groceries, but whatever illness I currently have doesn’t count as a second near-death experience.

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