Title of my autobiography: “But why?”

When I finally write this autobiography, people will invariably ask, “But why?” And I’d be like, “Exactly.”

So, when a friend confessed that soup was one of his favourite things, I wanted to ask, “But why?” My friend isn’t a senior citizen, nor are his teeth plastic like mine. What kind of Millennial chooses soup as their favourite food?

My favourite food used to be sushi, but since visiting Japan in 2014, I’ve been disgusted by the quality of most of the sushi found here: the rice is often poorly prepared, and restaurants tend to go overboard with the specialty rolls. 2016’s trip to Mexico, thankfully, did not ruin burritos for me, so as long as I’m not in Japan, vegetarian burritos are my ichiban (that’s Japanese for number one).

Now that I’ve got an acrylic sheath over my front teeth, preventing me from biting into food, burritos are no-go. My soup enthusiast friend saw this as the opportunity to defend his favourite meal and loaned me a cookbook containing 65 soup recipes. Along with this book, I also lugged a 10kg tome of assorted recipes to be served on a plate home.

I was ready to give one of the soup recipes a try until I came across this on Reddit. It’s a rice bear sleeping in a beautiful garden of broth:

Rice balled together and arranged inside a bowl to resemble a sleeping bear relaxing in a bowl of broth. The carrots have been cut to resemble cherry blossoms.

If I had to choose a favourite country of those I’ve visited, it would be Japan. The Japanese are aggressive about making things cute.


I mean… PandaBus? With eyelashes and a bow!

The front of a bus modelled to look like a winking cartoon panda. The panda has a red bow between its ears.

Even their No Smoking sign was adorable. Again with the bow and eyelashes!

A sign in Japanese that also has an English translation. The translation reads, "Please do not smoke while walking." The illustration features a cartoon cloud of smoke coming from the end of a lit cigarette. The grinning cloud of smoke is giving a thumbs-up.

I had to recreate Rice Bear.

So I did:

I think I nailed it, albeit with a couple of strategically placed tofu cubes for presentation. I did this without a step-by-step guide, which I feel is commendable.

I sure have made strides in my culinary skills since 2009. Indeed, I was responsible for this abomination:

A clump of vermicelli that has been discoloured by soy sauce.
“Maybe if I added the sauce, the noodles would break apart?” Nope.

When I don’t have the time nor energy to prepare something cute, I have Gwyneth Paltrow’s Banana Salad to fall back on:

A birds eye view of a bowl containing slices of bananas and a fork. The place mat has line drawings of cat faces.

5 thoughts on “Title of my autobiography: “But why?”

  1. Soup: easy to make lots of and nutritious. Yes, sushi is often disappointing outside of Japan. Your best bet here is to visit a sushi restaurant operated by Japanese people. The problem with that is you have to sit in the restaurant at least once to have any chance of knowing. Nice rice bear soup!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s some hope of finding quality sushi in Vancouver, but Victoria?

      Victoria is full of white Boomers. We probably have tons of good soup restaurants here that I’ve yet to discover!


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