What’s black, white, and dead?

The TBD prize has been D.

Found on Cloverdale Ave.

The prize is not a panda that has overdosed on a power box next to an empty raspberry clamshell, Gorilla Tape packaging, a Manila envelope, a broken shoe rack, and a bowl stained with sauce.

I’ve had to order the prize online, so it might take a while before it arrives. The deadline for the Most Curious Curio Contest is for Sunday the 30th at 8:35 pm. Pacific Standard Time!

Then, I’ll post all the submissions whenever.

In the meantime, I’ll be working on the scoring criteria and scouting impartial judges who don’t know who submitted what. Otherwise, I’d be inclined to hand the victories to those who made me laugh the most.

Do I give preference to submissions in which the object was obtained intentionally rather than received as a gift?

Do I allow myself to be swayed by a good story about how the object came to be?

Should I award bonus points if the item has been in the person’s possession for years?

The reason I no longer own many strange things is they tend not to survive my pre-moving purges. Need I penalize those who haven’t had a reason to bounce all over the country, leaving a trail of fucked-up items in their wake?

Which is more impressive: handcrafted, mass-produced, or organic?

…is it cursed?

Anything else I should be taking into consideration?


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