Look at Ed go!

Sure, I’ve had some stuff going on since my last post, but, Ed… ED GOT PAID BY RAPHA TO CYCLE AROUND LANZAROTE. WHAT A CHAMP.

I’m seething with envy. SEETHING! On the upside, my time off request for July was approved today. Ponyboy and I will be joining Ed in the UK in July. Anybody want to sponsor me?

One thought on “Look at Ed go!

  1. As soon as my lottery tickets stop yelling at me “NOT A WINNER!” (which I’m beginning ro internalize). I’ll sponsor myself to go back to Europe. First pay off my back rent, bills, car repair, etc. If there’s any left, I’ll gladly send you a few bucks.

    I tried to get Fairdale to give me a shout out when I passed 20,000 miles on Sophie. No such luck. When she was stolen, I asked for a free new bike. No go.

    Sponsors are nice, so good for your friend. But they’re reserved for the attractive, young and fit mostly.


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