That’s the tea.

Hello, hello, hello.

Sometimes I blog to complain about tea, like so.

And like now. Here’s the latest tea company I’m denouncing:

Their teas are great! No complaint about the taste. I’m taking issue with their hand-stitched pouches.

A box of 15 tea bags costs $12. Either they’re not hand-stitched, or they’re using child labour. Even then, the thought of someone hunched over a sewing machine sealing up loose leaf tea all day long is appalling. Let the machines take over!

I may have to find a new favorite tea company. Currently, I’m focusing on finding an alarm clock/glass of tepid water stand (what some would call a bedside table?) and tchotchke ledges. Also, plant platforms. Something like this, but not $300 USD:

If you want to spend $300 USD to send this to me, be my guest.

Everything I’ve found so far looks as if they belong in one of those prefab condos or the garbage. I’m not too pretentious for Ikea, but the island doesn’t even have an Ikea. This has resulted in islanders trying to sell their chipped stuff AS-IS at AS-WAS prices.

My quest for elevated surfaces on which to put stuff led me to Homesense on Sunday. If you’re not familiar with Homesense, they’re a liquidation specialist. They buy crap that other stores couldn’t sell. Their stock isn’t always terrible, just sometimes:

The inspiration behind this piece was likely “time flies”. I’m not sure how fast time would fly with acorn cap nut-tipped propellers. The real head-scratcher here is what’s printed on the clock face aside from the numbers:

Eiffel Tower? Paris? Is this so that you can point at the clock and say, “I don’t have time for this bullshit.”?

Somehow, I had time for this bullshit:

Giant chain links that pair nicely with those high heel wine bottle holders. Or anything from the Bradford Exchange.

Imagine my delight when I found a silver-painted box in the shape of my least-favourite legume.

You’ll have to imagine because I was disturbed, not delighted. This isn’t a one-of-a-kind item: a group of well-paid people (at least certainly better-paid than the aforementioned teabaggers) decided that mass-producing these knickknacks were profitable. Then again, the Bradford Exchange has been in business for 49 years, and I haven’t even existed for that long!

As you can see in the above photo, I am not wearing my mask. I took it off to capture my look of horror in its entirety. This was not a problem, as the mask mandate had been lifted in BC. I’m still masking up whenever I dip into public indoor spaces, aside from in the bike shop. It’s been great seeing my co-worker’s faces again, especially when they speak. Also, I get to see what the other half of the new staff’s faces look like.

Thanks, Freedom Convoy. Next stop: shirts come off. Then, no shoes… pants… inhibitions. We’ll be truly free!

Bye, bye, bye.

One thought on “That’s the tea.

  1. That peanut.

    Here I am recycling everything, doing what I can to reduce my footprint, and there is a company out there mass producing giant peanuts.

    My brother bought my kids a flamingo toy that sings while sitting on a toilette shitting glitter. Of course they love it.

    My god we are all doomed.


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