“This is the slowest I’ve ever eaten a banana.”

A synopsis of Nic and my time with the Golden Teacher at Botanical Beach:

“Being this happy is exhausting.”

*points to a family with young children* “That family is missing out.”

“I can’t believe this place exists.”

“I keep slipping away.”

“Of course, you didn’t grow those tomatoes, you suck!”

…struggling to type on my phone and thinking, “This device is way too powerful.” The letters appeared to levitate off the screen.

“I don’t know why I thought we’d walk far.”


Applauding Nic’s genius for bringing a foam mat for us to rest on because we sure did need to settle multiple times while our psyches were surging through the cosmos.

“I sat on the chip bag.” Followed by Nic eating Miss Vickies straight off the rock

We may not have gotten far physically, but we got far in our minds. It was a beautiful day at my favourite place in the world.

We even saw the resident black bear as soon as we got off the trail and onto Botany Bay.

See the bear?

Yeah, you gotta really zoom in.

But not too much; otherwise, it no longer looks like a bear…

My banana marathon kicked off an hour into our trip. Sixty minutes into the trip, I still had half a banana resting on my belly as we lay on the rocks processing the visual imagery with our eyes shut. I was grinning so hard, I could barely chew. By the time I finished the banana, the peel was already limp and brown.

I explained to Nic on the drive home that the only reason I’d started the banana there and then was because I’d wanted to use my backpack as a pillow, but the banana was in the way. He lost it.

“Honestly, does anybody need a good reason to eat a banana?”

Thanks for sharing this moment with me, Nic. ❤️

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