Moderately talented.

Yesterday the dazzlingly talented Jessica Flores asked me if I had a page featuring my drawings. You see, she’s working on a website that showcases the work of deaf artists called The Deaf Artist Collective.

And she thinks I’m an artist.


At the beginning of the year, when I was packing up my collection of paintings and framed prints for the big move, I realized that I was no longer attached to many of the stuff I’d made.

A cariacture-style self-portrait done in shades of blue, with orange eyeglasses.
Self Portrait 2012

The caricature-like self-portrait I painted eight years ago was meant to be paired with the portrait I painted of my ex. Although it was the better of the two portraits, I wasn’t about to keep it after we split up. No longer satisfied with my self-portrait, instead of packing it up with the other artwork, I kicked it to the curb. Surprisingly, someone wanted my distorted blue face hanging in their home and claimed the painting within an hour of it being put outside!

I wasn’t about to go that far with my other pieces, but if they could go to a new home where they’d be more appreciated, I was happy to see them go. I was also hoping this would motivate me to create new stuff.

My first ever canvas painting got sold:

A painting composed of 252 squares to create a pixelated portrait of a man performing fellatio.
Pixelated Porn 2007

This is a pixelation of a man performing fellatio–or if your grandparents ask–a man eating a sandwich. (Can’t see it? Try looking at it cross-eyed.) I was proud of this one but  hated how large I made my signature. I was poor and didn’t own a liner paintbrush back then.

I reached out to Jessica and proposed a trade. If she liked any of the artwork I was willing to part with, she could surprise me with a piece of her choosing.

Out with the colour pencil drawing of a blue chameleon:

A coloured pencil drawing of a blue chameleon with three of its limbs gripping a branch.
Chameleon 2015

In with two Jessica Flores originals:

I was happy to add some variety to my collection, especially pieces from a deaf artist!

I do believe that I am a much better illustrator and painter than the average person. The problem I have, though, is that I’m such a perfectionist: it often sucks the fun out of drawing and painting.

A replica of Ecce Homo post-restoration. It features a male figure that is supposed to be Jesus Christ, but instead looks like a wonky-eyed blurry-mouthed monster.
Replica of Cecilia Gimenez’s Ecce Homo 2017

Even my satirical replica of Cecilia Gimenez’s restoration of Ecce Homo is better than the real deal.

This is why I especially enjoy making gingerbread houses, knowing the imperfections won’t be around to haunt me for the rest of my life.

I do appreciate that others appreciate my work more than I do! So, instead of linking Jessica to my messy Flickr album, I’ve created a page showcasing the stuff I’ve made over the years. Once you’re done with oohing and ahh-ing at my very random oeuvre, check out Jessica’s stuff here!

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  1. I’m honored to own your first canvas! Its effect is underutilized where it currently hangs. My goal is that my next apartment will have a long hallway with a wall at the end where I can place the painting so it can be fully appreciated.

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