I have a YouTube channel now?

If you think only important news should be captioned, it means the deaf community will only have access to the depressing stuff. Right after I uploaded the previous post, I started on a new post explaining how I came to move out of the parents’ place at 17.

Halfway through the post, I thought, “This is pretty melancholy so far. Do I want to post something like this immediately after writing about my inaccessibility woes?”

So, I ditched that post and instead put my energy into creating accessible content for YouTube.


Bike Stuff with Squaremeat: Fix a Flat.

There must be hundreds of bike repair tutorials on YouTube. You’d think someone would go, “Hmm, what can I offer with my tutorials that others don’t?” and maybe add captions. Alas, that hasn’t been the case. At most, they’ll turn on the auto-generated captions and pass them off as real captions.

The accuracy of auto-generated captions have indeed gotten better, but the formatting makes them difficult to follow. We have to keep our eyes fixed on the captions the entire time whereas with real captions, we can quickly glance at the captions before bringing our eyes back up to the video. This is why tutorials with auto-generated captions are such a pain to follow.

Creating a video in ASL, though, should be even more helpful for the signing deaf community as I’m pausing in-between steps to explain what I’m about to do.

I did mention in my previous post that I don’t consider myself especially proficient in ASL. I fingerspell more words than I should because I’m unsure of how to sign them. I’m sloppy with my signing at times, just like how some hearing people mumble when they talk. In my defense, the last time I was using ASL as my predominant language was… in high school. 20 years ago.

I’m amazing at un-fucking bikes, though! Hopefully, my tutorial(s?) will help the signing deaf community.

And you know what? I’ve added captions so that non-signers can understand me too!

6 thoughts on “I have a YouTube channel now?

  1. I watched the video. I am good at changing a tire at home. On the road, I seem to suffer a bit.
    Keep up the good work, your channel is definitely needed.


    1. You’re alive!

      Knowing that people find value in the information I share is encouraging. If you have any bike-related questions that you’d like me to answer in a video, let me know!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh well…I have a lot of bike related questions…however, there’s one big mystical subject, I’ll never fully understand:
        setting up the shifting the right way or what to do when the chain jumps but you’re not shifting / you’re shifting but the chain stays were it’s at. It looks easy when the mechanics do it at the shop, but I never got it done correctly…


  2. Adjusting the drivetrain perfectly comes with practice! It took me an extra-long time to learn as I couldn’t do it by ear, and had to figure out a method that didn’t require me to listen for noise.

    That being said, I could make a video on how drivetrains function. The better you understand the purpose of every moving/adjustable part, the quicker you’ll master tuning a drivetrain!


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