May 27, 2012 Throwback blog post.

Although my former domain,, had been killed off by 2009, I switched to LiveJournal for a few years. When I realized that the last of my friends had abandoned their LiveJournal accounts, I started using Flickr as a photo journaling platform, adding titles and descriptions to every photo uploaded. That is until Flickr changed their layout to hide the titles and descriptions. I agree that the current layout is more aesthetically pleasing, but it was hiding all the work I had put into curating my life. Fuck!

Oh, and, despite uploading atrocities like this, my Flickr collection has more than half a million views. It’s baffling. But! I’m finally uploading the rest of my 2019 Patagonia trip photos. I think all the photos from the Valdes Peninsula portion of the trip are up now. So, you can ohh and ahh at them after you read something I wrote on my LiveJournal eight years ago.

Prelude: I would be disappointed if I knew that I’d still own about half the tubes of acrylic paint mentioned in this post eight years later.

My list of interests, which I think sums yesteryear-me up well, on my LiveJournal user info, is as follows:

baked potato helmets, being john malkovich, bicycle soccer, biting people, breathing, bulging erections, car dodging, cats, cocktail umbrellas, combovers, cotton candy machines, dangling babies off balconies, darting around suspiciously, delayed oatmeal, doing whatever i feel, festive coffee mugs, flock of seagulls haircuts, free credit card numbers, free free free, free stuff, free sushi, free vitamins, freeloading, hammer time, hating candace cameron, interests that aren't shared, kirk cameron, kitchenettes, knighting the homeless, lkvy, mc escher, operator assisted phone sex, opposable thumbs, paper bag masks, pelvis thrusting, petting zoos, rule of thumbs, ryan seacrest lap dances, savage love, silky bastards, smelly good stuff, supervan, tarps, the dickens, the word 'cunning', thumbelina, thumbsucking, tricorders, typing in all caps, ugly centerpieces, unificators, wet trampolines, you know, your husband

May 27, 2012

A line art icon of a smug-looking character. Text in bold reads mood, followed by regular text that reads pompous asshole.

Hotmail’s default log-in is Yahoo’s is worse: I wonder how they did the vote.

Basic cable has only really bad shows, except for The Simpsons and Dragon’s Den. I tell myself that I’ll upgrade soon, but then my Bohemian side intervenes with the logic that it’d just encourage myself to watch more tv.

Would that really be so terrible? I’d be exposed to more commercials, which would be great for the economy. If I had increased my spending habits a few years ago, then perhaps the whole Quebec Student Protest would’ve been avoided.

P-O has been following this. I have not. Naturally, I have already formed some sort of opinion on it. Although a $1625 per year increase in tuition cost is a lot, the average five years from now will be $3,793, which is still well below the Canadian average of $5,300. Nevertheless, this is money that could be used to buy fur coats, or a lot of pool noodles, or whatever. It’s money. Money has endless possibilities: it can even buy fancy money! (How did I know the website was going to look exactly like that?) I’d bang pots and pans outside of my apartment window over this tuition increase bullshit, too.

One of the things I like spending my money on, and I doubt tv commercials are to blame, are art supplies. Right now, my art supplies have far more value than all my complete works, combined. But unless they discontinue the cadmium red pigment, my oeuvre is eventually going to surpass the value of two shoeboxes full of tubes of paint and hundreds of acid-free sheets of drawing paper. I am going to become so famous that I’ll become even more famous due to the magnitude of my initial fame. This boundless fame would enable me to retire specific pigments from the world of art. First up: ochre.

I also enjoy–and Ikea commercials are probably to blame–browsing shit I’d buy for the apartment if I entertained more often. (I’ve been too busy settling into the mindset of a world famous artist to care about networking.) I’m currently on the lookout for a wicked salt and pepper set. I only really need a pepper shaker, but I’m just not Bohemian enough to have a mismatched set. I’m already dealing with five different types of wood furniture or, rather, five different shades of particle board. When I am extraordinarily famous, I’ll only own furniture made entirely from bonsai trees.

Now to revisit the birth of this post: this entry could have been avoided if I had something to watch on tv.

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